About us:

P&N brings 50 years of bearing experience to the marketplace. P&N applies strict standards for high temperature applications such as continuous casting plants, furnaces, and refuse incinerators. We have achieved longer service life compared to conventionally used bearings in these types of applications. P&N has been actively involved in the continuous casting steel making process for many years with leading steel producers. Our early involvement in this steel making process, has led to many companies using our spiral bushing bearings. Through many trials, we have permanently improved the bearings with subtle changes in construction and tolerance. Today, the spiral bushing bearings is the most widely used bearing in the strand guiding section of continuous casters.

Relocation to Hattingen:

Constant growth and acceptance of our product has made it necessary to move the production to a larger hall. For this purpose, we have chosen a plot of land on the former ThyssenKrupp site.




Founding year, place: Hermannstr. Hattingen


Place: Büchsenschütz, Hattingen

start with production


Place: Röbbeck, Velbert

Extension of production


Place: Steinbrink , Velbert-Nierenhof

Enlargement of the production area


First certification DIN 9001 by NISZERT now BSI


Recertification of DIN 9001 with TÜV Rheinland

latest audit Oct. 18-2021


Annex place:Steinbrink, Velbert

Enlargement of storage area


Place: Gießereistraße, Hattingen

Enlargement of production and storeage area